THE CLOWN features Contemporary Art by recognized New England artists, Italian ceramics and English Victorian watercolors in a setting of European Antiques, artisan gifts and fine wines.

Currently showing in our Gallery space:

Jeannette Esposito, Mixed Media

Michelle Cross, Painting, "Pesce"

Linda Gerson, Painting, "Umbrellas on the Riviera"

Victoria Elbroch, Solar Etchings                 

Jeannette Steele Esposito
Mixed Media on canvas, 6" x 6"
Michelle Cross
Acrylic , 36" x 40"


Victoria Elbroch
"Who Needs Two to Tango?"
Solar Etching, Framed,  6" x 6"
Linda Gerson
"Umbrellas On the Riviera"
Oil , 24" x 24"


Lisa Dombek
"Delicata Squash"
Giclée Reproduction 
Lisa Dombek
"Golden Beet"
Giclée Reproduction 
Lisa Dombek
Giclée Reproduction 
Lisa Dombek
"Red Pepper"
Giclée Reproduction 
Lisa Dombek
"Acorn Squash"
Giclée Reproduction 
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