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Giovanni Rosso

Langhe Nebbiolo 2017

Serralunga d'Alba    $24.99

Our friend and wine liason from VIAS Imports, Fred Mullins, shares his thoughts on this delicious expression of Nebbiolo, and its winemaker:

"Baby Barolo, is that a thing? Well yes and no, it’s kind of like saying Super Tuscan; we all know what that is, but at the end of a day it was a nickname that stuck and rightfully so...the wines that were famously dubbed Super Tuscans by a wine writer(too many contrary opinions on who actually said it first) back in the 70’s were well simply put: overachievers...something above and beyond what Chianti (the most famous region in Tuscany) was offering at the time.
So this leads me to Baby Barolo: it’s a term I shy away from because that is a slippery slope...but there is an exception to all rules and here’s the exception to this one: 2017 Giovanni Rosso Langhe Nebbiolo. Giovanni Rosso is under the guidance of Davide Rosso (the great, great, Grandson of the Giovanni Rosso). To be brief the Giovanni Rosso winery is now considered to be one the best producers in all of easy task I assure you. So probably no surprise his Barolos are outstanding...all of them, but his Langhe Nebbiolo comes from his Barolo vineyards and not sourced elsewhere in the Langhe which is legally allowed. Why is this important? Well the fruit is the same as the fruit in his Barolos it's just not aged for the full four years which is just one of the minimum requirements to qualify as Barolo. To take this a step further when I first tasted this vintage, I was having a hard time believing how good it was...kind of like I was believing my own press, if you will. Ultimately I opened a few bottles over the course of a month and they were all incredible, but what really pushed this bottle over the top was when I tried it back to back with Barolo's from 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015 (5 different producers in all) and this wine held its own nicely and in a couple of instances was simply better.
This is not meant to take the shine away from Barolo, I mean who would do that anyway? It's just that from time to time a wine like this will come along, it defies the vintage, it drinks very close to the level of Barolo and it's estate fruit from Serralunga, so it's as close to being Barolo as you can get without stamping that on the label. This is (and take my word for it) a wine that punches way above its weight class. This is a perfect example of talent and terroit overcoming perception and vintage." - Fred Mullins, VIAS Imports
You can find Fred on YouTube at Until Next Wine:

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